Counterfeits on the Rise?

Trustcopy is the premier provider of brand and documentation protection. Our solutions offer unique technologies that bring a new dimension in anti-forgery adoption.


Founded in November 1999, as a spin-off high-tech company from Kent Ridge Digital Labs (now part of A*Star), the premier national research institution of Singapore, Trustcopy is the premier provider of anti-forgery technologies such as multi-layer optical watermarks and micro-printing for secure documentation and brand protection. Trustcopy's distinctive brand protection solutions combines industry accepted practices with Trustcopy's own proprietary anti-forgery technologies.

Trustcopy is also the provider of integrated solutions for the management, delivery and authentication of both electronic and paper document over the internet with its unique anti-forgery technologies incorporated. Today, the company offers a suite of products and services that dramatically improve the operational efficiency of processing and delivery of critical trade documents, and create a new environment where paper documents can be secured and processed with the benefits of electronic documents.

Business Solutions

Brand Protection

Today, manufacturers and brand owners lose multi-billion dollars through the counterfeit of goods and the figure increases when unauthorized diversion of authentic goods to retailers is considered.

TrustMark, Trustcopy's proprietary brand protection solution helps its clients to stay ahead of the counterfeiters and improve the tracking and distribution of authentic goods to prevent unauthorized diversion. Using our in-depth experience and unique technologies, manufacturers can immediately enjoy the benefits of brand protection. Our covert optical watermark technology does not need to alter the packaging, and no software or sophiscated equipments are required for verification, thereby reducing the impact and cost to the distribution network.

Secure Documents

The business and legal community today still relies heavily on paper documents to operate. But paper documents and the process to authenticate, process, track and courier them form a huge operational cost and when you factor in losses due to forgery of paper documents the cost to businesses is mammoth.

TrustDelivery is a secured document solution that enbles business to better improve their paper documents processes and reduce operational costs. TrustDelivery covers a detailed analysis of the issues faced by the client, and includes a complete solution that deploys secured document flows, anti-forgery, anti-copy and print audit components.

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