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EzStampGuard uses Trustcopy patented multi-layer Optical Watermark security technology to create authentication stamps on document that cannot be duplicated. This hidden optical watermark can only be viewed with unique lens keys.

EzStampGuard is exclusively developed for HP LaserJet printer. Simply plug in the flash device, turn on the printer and EzStampGuard will be activated. Original printed document is embedded with 2 layers of hidden optical watermarks on the desired position setup by user. Only original printed document with the unique lens keys place over the watermark will reveal the hidden information. On a photocopy document, the hidden watermarks will be disappeared and destroyed. This “lock & keys” system protect the authenticity of the original document.

The original document will be protected from forgery. This solution is ideal for business that deals with confidential document such as tax invoices, certificates, official document, etc.)

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