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1. Can the optical watermark be customized to other images?
Yes. Trustcopy can help to customize the image of the optical watermark to suit individual company.

2. Will the lens keys be unique?
All the demo kits share the same type of lens keys. For customization, client will get sets of lens keys which are unique to their optical watermark.

3. Can I purchase more lens keys?
Yes. please write to us at and tell us how many you need.

4. Is there a limitation on the number of document that I can print?
There is no limitation on the number of document you can print. You need to activate the EzStampGuard and start printing.

5. I’ll like to implement this security technology in my office. How can I customize the optical watermark to suit my needs?
Please contact or call 6636 7308. Our consultant will help handle you requirement.

6. Do I need to replace my printer if I want to customize the optical watermark?
No. We will upgrade and produce a unique security technology embedded in the flash drive. You simply plug in the flash drive and start using.

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