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How does it work


Activate the EzStampGuard by inserting the unique flash memory drive onto the authorized printer. Turn on the printer and setup the EzStampGuard configuration. EzStampGuard will embed an EzStamp on the printout document per configuration setup.

EzStamp contains 2 levels of hidden information. The hidden information will only be visible when unique lens keys are placed over the EzStamp.
In the demo kit, on the original printout, lens key 1 reveals the    logo while lens key 2 reveals the Ez logo.

These optical watermark can be customized according to individual requirement with a unique set of lens keys. When photocopied the original printout, the logo will disappear and not survive on the photocopy document.
This optical watermark security technology protects the authenticity of the document.

To find out the feature and benefits of EzStampGuard, click here

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