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Branded goods - The Trustcopy solution

Trustcopy solution for the luxury goods and consumer products industry starts with a package of anti-forgery measures and tracking information. The package includes the use of the following:


  1. Visible and invisible watermarks embedded with static and dynamic information providing authenticity, product and tracking details incorporated into the packaging
  2. Security features that conform to the existing packaging design and do not alter the distinctive brand looks
  3. Field authentication technologies that are easy to use, efficient and cost-effective

Branded goods illustration - How it all works? 

Anti-counterfeit and anti-forgery

Today, the best forgeries of packaging are still produced by redrawing the original packaging, often conducted by hand by skilled artwork specialists. The resulting work is often impossible to authenticate without careful study by experienced personnel and the use of specialized equipment.

However, because Trustcopy's watermarks are embedded with covert and encrypted authenticity information, which are not revealed to the naked eye, the technique of redrawing the packaging so preferred by forgers will not reproduce the embedded covert information.

So the technique of redrawing cannot be used to reproduce Trustcopy protected packaging, forcing the forgeries to be made using scanning where a new photo film or scanning is used to capture the original watermark. However there is always degradation of image quality using this technique. And this adds to another security feature of Trustcopy's watermark, reproduced Trustcopy watermarks are always different, making them copy evident.

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Remarking of Information on Packaging or Product

Trustcopy can incorporate encrypted covert dynamic watermarks that are digitally printed with certain into each individual packaging or product. As the perpetrators can only alter the visible information, it is easy for inspections to be conducted by comparing the visible information against that in the encrypted covert watermarks.

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Unauthorised source and parallel import

With Trustcopy's ability to embed 20 layers of independently encrypted information into a single watermark, covert information can be embedded into the watermark for different parties in the supply chain and distribution network, and access can be controlled to the information.

For the most common application in the luxury goods and consumer products industry, Trustcopy offers two levels of embedded information in its watermarks, one for field authentication by product inspectors or retailers containing information such as country code and the other for brand owners containing information such as batch codes and production lot. In this combination, only the brand owner has keys to both information.

This allows the brand owner to track product source and but yet retain the ability to control access to the crucial information.

The solution is further enhanced by a verification process that does not require any special training, any software or hardware, resulting in a more cost-effective solution.

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Packaging and product design

Current luxury goods and some consumer products have distinctive designs that are part of their brand looks, and often changing the packaging or even incorporating new security print artwork are not possible. With most optical watermarks, this poses a great and often impossible challenge.

Trustcopy's optical watermarks are invisible and can be incorporated into any existing graphic area such as most non-white backgrounds, brand logos, product barcodes and many symbols commonly found on products such recycle, standards and certification symbols.

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Field authentication and cost-effectiveness

All of Trustcopy's authenticity information can be verified and authenticated in the field without special training, any software or hardware. What is required is a special optical key encoded with the right decryption key and an optical key can be made to the size and thickness of a business card.

This allows immediate and ease of surveillance discretely even at retail shelves, supporting a relatively low-cost solution across the entire distribution network.

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