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In the business world today, paper documents forms the basis for all commercial and administrative transactions. Although the use of electronic documents is getting more pervasive, it is often not operationally acceptable. So there is a strong need to enable the smooth transfer and exchange of paper documents seamlessly to reduce operational costs without drastic changes to the existing business processes.

TrustDelivery is Trustcopy's integrated secured trade documentation solution for ensuring secure electronic documents exchange and the secure printing of the corresponding paper documents, which are protected from unauthorized duplication, alteration or forgery.

TrustDelivery covers a detailed analysis of the issues faced by the client, and includes a complete solution that deploys secured delivery document flows, anti-forgery and anti-copy technologies and secured printing components including solutions for remote or client printing of trade documents that cannot be forged and are tamper evident, and is useful in many industries and applications such as Letter of Credit, Bill of Lading, online ticketing, etc.

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