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Key features


  • TrustDelivery workflow integration does not require major changes to business processes, thereby reducing impact to business
  • Other party remote printing reduces the operational issues of document logistics - clients can now print your document
  • Offers new efficient ways for businesses to conduct their business
  • Easily deployable authentication with TrustDelivery's unique optical lens key


ORIGINAL trade document sent from Singapore to London in 60 seconds for the cost of a printout.


  • Secure proprietary electronic document exchange mechanisms
  • Anti-copy, anti-forgery and tamper-evident paper documents generated by TrustDelivery
  • Controlled printing system that controls number of copies that can be printed
  • Different key encryption allows control of access to different information
  • Multiple key encryption increases resistant to "brute force attacks"

    Cost effective

  • Less paper document logistics, immediate results from drop in costs of paper document courier costs
  • Can be integrated into exisiting application systems
  • No special training, software or hardware required to verify and authenticate the paper documents generated by TrustDelivery


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