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TrustMark, Trustcopy's distinctive brand protection solution provides an effective strategy for preventing forgery, counterfeiting and unauthorized diversion of authentic products. With the use of our unique optical watermark technology, TrustMark brings a new dimension to the adoption of anti-forgery practices today.

TrustMark's optical watermark provides effective detection of counterfeits and genuine products that can be applied over a wide range of packaging materials and surface and is invisible.

Truly a new breakthrough in anti-forgery adoption is the ability to incorporate 20 layers of independently encrypted information in a single covert optical watermark and the covert information can be read and verified without the need for special training, any software or hardware.

With the ability to store multiple layers of independently encrypted information, the TrustMark solution allows manufacturers and brand owners to embed and control access to different levels of information, allowing the ability to track the product through the use of covert information. This is an ideal tool to implement a very effective and low-cost distribution tracking system.


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is the
new dimension
in anti-forgery adoption.

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