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Key features


  • Effective detection of genuine and counterfeit products
  • Can be incorporated into exisiting artwork
  • Application over a wide range of packaging materials and surface
  • Covert and invisible optical watermark

It's efficient. It's secure.

It's cost effective.



  • Anti-forgery, copy and tamper evident
  • Ability to store 20 different layers of independently encrypted information in a single watermark
  • Different key encryption allows control of access to different information
  • Multiple key encryption makes the information resistant to brute force attacks
  • Able to help and trace the origin of product, which aids local distributors' fight against counterfeits

    Cost Effective

  • No special training, any software or hardware required to verify and read the optical watermarks
  • Low-cost implementation and deployment over the entire distribution chain
  • No special printing requirements. Can be integrated into existing packaging artwork
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