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TrustSeal is one of the most secure, convenient and affordable secure printing solutions at your office and/or home, providing anti-copy and anti-forgery protection to printed documents.

The basic product of TrustSeal is to simply add to your printed documents anti-copy and anti-forgery features. This is done by inserting an additional DIMM memory board into your HP printer. TrustSeal is loaded on the DIMM.

The advanced TrustSeal support remote controlled printing with online secure document downloading and usage top-up, and off-line printing. TrustSeal incorporates the optical watermark and cryptography technology into secure DIMM to protect documents from unauthorized duplication and forgery effectively.

TrustSeal system communicates with the printer directly to control the number of copies to be printed. The data sent to the printer is encrypted and decrypted at secure DIMM and pre-defined important information will be added to the anti-copy and anti-forgery watermark dynamically.


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