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September 2012 Trustcopy developed Optical Watermark solution for card printers

May 2011 Trustcopy partner with GMC Software Technology to incorporate Optical Watermark features into GMC Inspire Designer

April 2010 Trustcopy printer management solution adopted by Military users

Dec 2009 Trustcopy successfully implemented web-based printing solution for Tax Authority for one south east Asia country.

September 2009 Awarded Japanese Patent "Optical Watermark"

April 2008 Awarded US patent 7,366,301 "Optical Watermark"

October 2007 Trustcopy successfully implemented secure document solution in 3 manufacture and insurance companies in China

October 2006 Awarded Australian patent 785178 "Optical Watermark"

June 2006 Trustcopy successfully implemented eSeal solution in one of the biggest insurance companies in China (Partner with HP)

April 2006 Awarded China Patent CN112593317 for "Remote Printing of Secure and/or Authenticated Documents"

September 2005 Awarded Australian Patent 54438101 for "Remote Printing of Secure and/or Authenticated Documents"

July 2005 Awarded China Patent CN1125447.5 for "Electronic Signing of Documents"

Feburary 2005 Awarded European Patent GB1317734, FR1317734, DE60018222.3, CH1317734 for "Optical Watermark"

March 2005 China Hebei Court implements Trustcopy's eSeal solution

February 2005 Awarded Singapore Patent 84808 for "Legitimacy protection of electronic document and a printed copy thereof"

October 2004 Awarded China Patent CN1372677A for "Optical Watermark"

May 2004 Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) takes Trustcopy's e-ticketing solution

Apr 2004 Trustcopy USA and Stratus Group form Security Alliance

Apr 2004 China Performing Arts Agency selects Trustcopy's ticket security solution

Mar 2004 Trustcopy USA office opens

February 2004 selects Trustcopy for their online Bills of Lading solution

October 2003 HP signs Trustcopy in its Primary Solution & Technology Partner Program

June 2003 Obtained Audit Certificate from China Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Association

May 2003 Adampak Singapore signs MOU to market and sell Trustcopy's multi-layer optical watermarks for product labels and packaging

Feb 2003 Trustcopy China office opens

October 2002 CargoSmart selects Trustcopy's secure remote document printing for its online shipping portal

June 2002 3i invests S$7m growth capital in Trustcopy

May 2002 Citibank Singapore uses Trustcopy for their online letters of credit service

May 2002 Trustcopy launches e-ticketing solution

Feburary 2002 Granted UK Patent GB2365184 for "Legitimacy protection of electronic document and a printed copy thereof"

January 2002 Trustcopy Germany office opens

Apr 2001 SISTIC pilot-tests Trustcopy e-ticketing solution

December 2000 Granted Singapore Trademark for "Trustcopy" name and logo

Oct 2000 Pacific International Lines (PIL) implements TrustDelivery for online shipping documents

June 2000 Trustcopy Private Limited incorporated as spin-off from Kent Ridge Digital Labs (KRDL), Singapore
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