"To be a leading provider of advance anti-forgery technologies, products and solutions to enable trusted paper and electronic document exchange and distribution" -Trustcopy's mission
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Founded in November 1999, as a spin-off high-tech company from Kent Ridge Digital Labs (now part of A*Star), the premier national research institution of Singapore, Trustcopy is the premier provider of anti-forgery technologies such as multi-layer optical watermarks and micro-printing for secure documentation and brand protection.

Trustcopy's distinctive brand protection solutions combines industry accepted practices with Trustcopy's own proprietary anti-forgery technologies.

Trustcopy is also the provider of integrated solutions for the management, delivery and authentication of both electronic and paper document over the internet with its unique anti-forgery technologies incorporated.

Today, the company offers a suite of products and services that dramatically improve the operational efficiency of processing and delivery of critical trade documents, and create a new environment where paper documents can be secured and processed with the benefits of electronic documents.


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