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Pharmaceutical - The challenges faced by manufacturers


Counterfeit pharmaceutical products is one of the major issues confronting the pharmaceutical industry today.

Remarking of packaging

Expired products have the expiry dates on the packaging remarked or adopt new packaging to change their expiry dates.

Unauthorised source

Unauthorised diversion of authentic products is a constant problem. There is a need for a cost effective, reliable and efficient supply chain and distribution network surveillance mechanism and tool.

Advanced forgery

Current product and security labels are easily forged and copied by forgers. There are two key methods of forgery;

  • Redrawing where the forgers redraw the product and security labels producing high quality forgeries
  • Scanning where a photograph or a scanner is used to capture the image to reprint the product and security label, always producing a degraded forgery

Field authentication

It is often impossible to conduct field authentication. Often the product has to be brought back for experts and specialized equipment to identify authenticity, adding to the cost of the product.

Packaging design

The standard pharmaceutical product packaging design offers limited leeway for incorporating security features.

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