In today's electronic environment, many businesses still rely heavily on paper documents and are not able to enjoy the speed and cost savings of today's information technology.

Now, Trustcopy is about to change the way you think about delivering your trusted and valuable paper documents. We have developed technologies that allow our customers to send and receive original paper documents over the Internet without the risk of forgery or unauthorised copying.

Using our highly secured delivery infrastructure, documents are reliably and securely delivered to the designated recipient. The delivered document is further secured by Trustcopy's unique anti-forgery technologies as follows:


  1. Multi-layered optical watermark
  2. Micro printing

Once received under the Trustcopy's secured delivery infrastructure, a user can either keep the secured document in its electronic format or print an authentic paper original of that document. Furthermore, the sender controls the number of originals that the recipient can print. The following technology are the core constructs behind Trustcopy's secure delivery technology:


  1. Secured printing
  2. Workflow management
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With Trustcopy's
technologies, you can maintain the operational use of paper documents but enjoy the speed and cost savings of today's information technology developments

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