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Trustcopy is committed to providing innovative technologies and solutions to help fight against anti-forgery in today's business world. Trustcopy's invisible multiple layered optical watermark is one of the most powerful and foremost technology in anti-forgery.


Multi-Layered Optical Watermark


Different from the physical watermark on currency notes, Trustcopy's multiple layered watermark protects the document and its content from unauthorised forgeries, while using ordinary paper and ordinary printers or printing methods. The final watermark is a superposition of multiple (up to 20) layers of 2-D arrays of signals, making brute-force attacks extremely difficult. It employs multiple "keys" to view hidden information embedded on those layers, thereby gaining flexibility in security control. The 2-D array "key" can be any pattern, incorporated into most artwork and the key space can be as large as 2 to the power of (2048 x 2048), which makes it very secure. The embedded information can be in graphics, easily customised as a seal, and added to the document during printing.
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Micro Printing
  In addition, Trustcopy's solutions also include proprietary micro printing security feature to be incorporated into secured documents. This micro printing feature prints micro text in a document, which is not readable through naked eyes but seem to be one fine line. However it can be verified for authenticity in seconds with a simple magnifying glass. If copying or scanning is attempted on documents with micro printing features, the micro text will appear to be blurred and hence reveal that the document is not the original copy.
  Read more on how the technology is deployed in Business industry applications

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