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TrustDelivery (Bill of Lading) case study

Pacific International Lines (PIL)
An international shipping line based in Singapore.

Existing process:
- Fax exchanges between a shipper and PIL to confirm the details of Bill of Lading
- PIL generates Bill of Lading, signs and sends via courier services

Using Trustcopy's TrustDelivery services:

- Shipper and PIL communicate with each other via web;
- PIL internal processes are automated;
- Issuing and sending Bill of Lading done online
- Customer prints original Bill of Lading online using their own printer at their premises
  (View the Bills of lading generated by TrustDelivery )
- Original Bill of Lading are protected by Trustcopy's unique optical watermark technology
  (View the protection provided by TrustDelivery )

- Reduce turn-around time, delays and is so much more efficient
- Reduce cost in courier charges
- Paper Bill of Lading now protected against forgeries, copying or tampering
- Effective verification mechanism that is low-cost and is field deployable to all parts of their shipping network
- Increases competitive advantage over their competitors

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