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Online ticketing - The solution by Trustcopy

TrustDelivery is a web-based real-time ticketing system, which provides online purchase and printing of tickets. By using Trustcopy's anti-copy, anti-forgery and micro-printing technologies, TrustDelivery eliminates the problem of identifying duplications and forged tickets that may appear in other e-ticket solutions. The system controls the printer to ensure that only the correct number of tickets purchased is printed. In addition, the printed tickets will have anti-copy and anti-forgery watermark to prevent forgeries of the tickets as well as relevant identification information about the purchaser embedded in the ticket. This system brings a lot of convenience to the end-customer and ticket agencies.

TrustDelivery (online ticketing) business process

TrustDelivery (Online ticketing) - Features

Booking and printing ticket on-line

Customer goes to TrustDelivery web-page to find the event of interest and book tickets online. After he/she completes payment, he/she can print the ticket(s) directly at home or office using regular paper with a HP LaserJet printer.

Protect printed E-ticket from unauthorized duplication and Forgery

Trustcopy's anti-copy and anti-forgery optical watermark with relevant information such as the user ID, event ID and seat number will be added to the printed ticket and embedded into the watermark dynamically. If he buys one ticket, he will only be allowed to print one ticket. Likewise if he buys 2 tickets, he will only be allowed to print 2 tickets.

When the user brings the self-printed ticket to the usher at the event, he will be admitted based on the printed ticket, as it is not possible to print more than one ticket per seat. In the event of any attempts at forgery of the watermark, a simple device comprising Trustcopy's optical lens can be used to verify the embedded information in the watermark to ensure that it tallies with the visible information printed on the ticket. Attempts at photocopying the ticket will fail, as well as any copying of the anti-copy watermark will become visually obvious.

Book ticket now and print later

Customer can also select to book the ticket(s) now and print them later.

Audit trail and logs

Server logs of all transaction records, and keeps the printing result in the database. The administrator user can trace the ticket status and check printing result.

TrustDelivery (Online ticketing) - Benefits
  1. Enhanced security by incorporating the optical watermark and cryptography technology
  2. Offer different levels of security for various ticketing applications
  3. Protect document from unauthorized duplication and forgery
  4. Easy to verify the originality of the ticket
  5. Easy integration with any workflow
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